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We all feel some times for cause of a fellow Indian. Some times a soldier die at the border to save us and after him or her there is not much support for the family, or the soldier become injured and some treatment is not covered by the government as the policy only recognize some particular form of treatments and not the alternative ways. Thus government official can’t clear the bills for alternate treatment. An example of this was NSG Commando PV Manesh who bravely fought against terrorist in 26/11 Mumbai attack and hit by Grenade fragments in the helmet. His ₹4000 per month for Ayurvedic treatment was not able to get clearance because Ayurveda treatment was not recognized by the relevant policy of that time.

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In another cases we see that how very poor people don’t have any resources to have food, or farmers are dying due to various reasons. Government helps in its way but the help is not sufficient. A poor person can’t send his kids to school. An athlete want to practice but lacks resources. There are numerous such things we hear.

Government has their instruments but they don’t reach to everyone in the society and not always completely effective. For example, reservation only manage to help some sections of the society and it is challenging for other sections to take benefit of it now. Moreover, the policy of reservation start impacting the coherence in the society. Leaders who has started that with good intentions may not able to thought out the long term impact on the fabric of national identity as a whole and impact is what we’re seeing now a friction in some parts of the society due to it. While some other poor people who are more deserving can’t take benefit of it.

When we learn about them we feel why is it like that or what can we do? How this situation can be changed? How that family or person could be helped? How the coherence in the society could be maintained and nurtured.

Here in this article I’m proposing a model which might able to answer those questions. First point I would like to make that coherence in the society would be made when the efforts to help each other comes from with in the society more rather than a policy from the government.

As policy sometimes are formed to win the votes rather than looking at the long term impact on the society.

Moreover, an initiative started by Indian society itself is far more effective and beneficial than any government policy. It can carry on irrespective of government.

Now, to the point. What I am proposing is that our Indian businesses create a floating share. We all know what a share is. It means sharing the profit. So a business can create a floating share which can be up to max. 5% and this profit money could be given by them directly to the person or family in need.

I call it “The floating share” because it won’t stay permanently with the person. I try to explain by an example. Suppose a poor man’s son or daughter has no means for education then business can assign this floating share to them for a certain period of time e.g. 5 years. During that period that percentage of the business’s profit will help the family and after that period the share will return back to the company, which, then can use it to help some one else.

Businesses can break 5% into small chunks and can help many people. Or they can share less profit. A business does not need to be a big it can be a small business or a group of people who want to give use part of their money for such cause. It will be all voluntarily. But in this way we as a society can able to help the person directly.

We can help a soldier for treatment that is not covered, or support his/her family and children for education. We can help an athlete for training. We can help sections of society where reservation is not effective, sections which can’t take its benefit due to various reasons or people which are poor but not in the reservation category. Or some girl whose face is burned by acid, or any good cause. The usage are many and people will definitely use their creativity to help.

As this will be an Indian society’s initiative, one most important benefit it would bring is harmony and cohesiveness in the society and people, as we Indian help each other. Moreover, when we know a business is helping people with such a floating share we should buy more from them as that is our individual contribution to help our fellow Indian. And who knows by helping each other in this and other innovative way we see one day that demand and need of reservation would go down and it become less relevant.

So let’s start this initiative as a society and help each other.



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