“Water Tanker Scam” – #AAP Exposed!!

Written by Aakash


They called themselves “Party With Difference” & came to power after making tall, unreasonable promises.

#AAP promised the junta of Delhi free/affordable electricity and assured them of availability of potable water 24/7. The Aam Aadmi Party is in power for more than an year now, and at this point in time its promises are far from being unfulfilled. The ground reality is such that the people of Delhi have started regretting their decision of giving #AAP a chance.

Forget CCTV cameras, colleges, schools and other infrastructures; the party is yet to come close to its promise of providing water to its citizens. Even the ministers don’t look bothered about the issues.

Here is a latest example:

A group of ladies from Mahipalpur clashed with each other over sourcing water from the tanker. This unearthed a scam which was never known before.

There is “Water Tanker Scam” going on, which is even known to the relevant minister, Mr Kapil Mishra. During the peak hour/season, the mafia charge ₹ 2000 for a tanker of water.

Now that this Mahipalpur incident is out in public domain, Mr.Arvind Kejriwal has asked Kapil Mishra to the resolve issue and thus they are trying to save their skin by blaming MCD.
(see the screenshots)

We request Mr.Kejriwal to kindly pay heed to public grievances and concentrate on Delhi. The people of Delhi have chosen you as their CM, so that you solve their prolonged grievances.

We also request you to stop fooling the nation with your gimmicks.

Jai Hind !!!!

(Image Source : Twitter)



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