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Sir Arvind Kejriwal let’s have a Referendum!

Written by Yogesh Sharma

Dear Sir Arvind Kejriwal, I have decided to honour you with this title as you have impressed me so much with your last stunt (Brexit Style Referendum), by the way your picture wearing floral crown was epic, Congratulations!!! Although I have no authority to give any title to anybody but still take it as a gift from Aam Aadmi.

I also want to dedicate this article to you, as if few days ago if wouldn’t have come up with this historically brilliant idea of Brexit style referendum for Delhi, this article wouldn’t have been possible, so credit is all yours sir, and no need to thank me, pleasure is all mine!!!

I hope you don’t mind the title “Sir”. I could have given you ‘Shri Shri 1008’ as well but you would have found it communal so let’s stick with Sir. You totally deserve it, you have earned it with your with the display of great dramatics. News channels have become more entertaining now, I am sure one day you may also get lifetime achievement award for Most Entertaining Politician”.

You are sole certifying authority for honesty in this country. Moreover, this country has never seen a politician as dynamic as vibrant as you, you are a Legend, It wouldn’t be wrong if I say you are an overall packaging of political characteristics. Your outfit is always inspired from Aam Aadmi. Although I have no idea which Aam Aadmi you are following for your fashion sense. If you notice people of Delhi they are smartly dressed, anyways it’s up to what you wear. I won’t be surprised if one fine day you turn up to your office in pyjamas.

You lie every single day, I think you follow the principle, “A lie for someone’s benefit is not a lie” and all you speak is for your benefit so may be technically you are not a liar, technically.

Your day starts with baseless allegations and moves forwards with your obsessive tweets for honourable Prime Minister. You are so good putting up blame on others, you cry every day that centre is not letting you work. Although have you actually worked till date? Just curious to know this because all your time is dedicated to briefing press conferences and abusing someone or other or tweeting or reviewing movies. May be for a change try to work. As far as I know there is lots to do in Delhi. You literally change colour like Chameleon. So by definition you are a perfect political package. Well done on that!!!


But there is a little problem sir, and that is we don’t want politicians anymore. This country is well past those days when we were ruled by politicians. We need leaders now, who can lead upfront, who can work like a dedicated public employee as an ‘Aam Aadmi’ does, and run this country like an emerging corporate with an ambition to be best in business with utmost dedication, commitment and efficiency.

Unfortunately you are just a politician with no traces of a leader, not even an ‘iota’.

So, before we have a referendum for statehood of Delhi, Let’s have one for you. A referendum which can decide whether people of Delhi want you and your bunch of jokers to continue the show or not. I believe people have already had overdose of political drama and comedy in last two years. As what I can see is, you have made mess out of Delhi. Your government is a big Joke, believe me people of Delhi don’t have very good sense of humour (anymore), they might get offended by jokes you are cracking upon them.

I know you are very pro Aam Aadmi, so let’s have this referendum for you, or as you say let’s have a Brexit style referendum, and if people choose otherwise then as Mr. David Cameron stepped down, you must follow the suit as well. We have had enough of you sir. “Sir rehne do, aapse na ho payega. By the way we are eagerly waiting for your next movie review sir, they are so accurate.

I hope you will listen to this Aam Aadmi.

Note: This article has been created for humour, although you are welcome to take offence and take it seriously.

Cover pic copyright ANI



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