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Remembering 32 years of a ‘Fallen tree and Shaken Earth’

Written by Ravijot

Pic By: ABP News

Remembering 32 years of a ‘Fallen tree and shaken Earth’, when a ‘Sarkari Katleaam‘ was orchestrated by Congress,
goons were called in from neighbouring states via special buses and trains,
police catagorically disarmed the Sikh community before it got brutally attacked,
voter ID lists were distributed to the murderers and rapists,
homes were marked,
kerosene, arms, tyres and flammables were distributed…

And then…

…and then, for 4 consecutive days the capital city of India and many other cities were hell for Sikhs!
Many were butchered and burnt alive.
Women raped in front of their dead husbands and small children.

Picture from Vocativ Media

Remembering all those victims of 1984 today.

Remembering the victims still haven’t got justice.
Remembering culprits like Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar, Kamalmath and any more are still free.

Remembering how a murderous political party made this whole demonic affair a Hindu vs Sikh riot, whereas it wasn’t even a riot on first hand, it was well orchestrated political mass murder of Sikh community.

But more than that remembering all those bravehearts who even in that time of orchestrated hatred and venom did great for humanity and saved thousand of their Sikh friends and neibhours.

My Dad, my Tau and Tai ji would not have been alive if their ‘Hindu’ neibhours would not have hide them in their house for 3 days.

Remembering those mad mad times when Congress stooped so low to use the death of Indira Gandhi as a victim card to sweep the 1984 Lok Sabha elections and boy did they won big time. The INC won 414 seats out of a total of 533 seats.

Remembering when the vultures were happy and humanity was hounded!



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