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Radicalization is the problem which needs to get acknowledged

Written by Yogesh Sharma

I feel angered and devastated after seeing innocent people dying day after day, yesterday it was Bangladesh, today it’s Baghdad.

Paris, Brussels, Medina, Mumbai, Pathankot seems like it’s never going to stop. What this world has become now? if you can’t recite verses from Quran you are dead!!!!!! I am sorry if this offends anybody but there is a problem and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The killers in Bangladesh were not some misguided youth, they knew very well what are they doing and what are the consequences. Imagine the amount of hatred somebody transfused into them against non-Muslim’s.

And after every act of terrorism, intellectuals, politicians everybody will queue up giving statements that these are some misguided youth, terrorism has nothing to do with religion and so on.

I am sorry, I don’t get this!

Terrorism has everything to do with religion, its being spread in name of the religion, the sole purpose clearly is to make whole world Islamic. They want to kill every non-Muslim. Period.

Al-Qaida_au_Maghreb_Islamique_combattants %22Freedom_go_to_hell%22

Muslims and Non-Muslim’s elsewhere in the world need to know this fact that Islamic Radicalization is a major issue today and poses great danger.

Even in India we see cases of religious intolerance, starting from Kashmir where Hindus were forced out of their homes, recent case of Hindu families relocating from Kairana in UP, to stopping evening Arti in a hindu temple right in New Delhi’s Sunder Nagri.

Watch the Sunder Nagri Documentary here to know what exactly happened there

Everyday we see tensions over loudspeakers on temples, there have been incidents when aarti has been stopped during Ramzaan all over India.

What exactly is happening? And, why nobody want’s to acknowledge this. Politicians, Media everybody is in denial, I wonder when will this hypocrisy end? NIA has busted more than 10 modules of ISIS in India, recently they arrested few young men from Hyderabad. And to no surprise Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi want to give them the legal support??

First of all there is a problem let’s accept that, even in India radicalization is happening, then above all there are people like Owaisi to shield the people involved.

And, frankly speaking I am fed up with this Muslim appeasement now, if you talk about Uniform Civil Code then you are communal, if you talk about radicalization in madrassas you are communal, you point out any shortcomings or negatives you will be branded as communal.

It is up to people of India now, how do they see their future. If we want to live in a highly polarized society and terrorism doesn’t bother us then everything is just fine as the way it is. If we are fine with more Afzal guru’s and Yakub menon’s then everything is just fine.

But if we want a country where each and every individual lives and strive as an Indian then we have to stop being politically correct. Truth has to be accepted, howsoever bitter it is. We common people can only stop radicalization, be it any religion.

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