#AAP Neta: The Modern Day Nero

Written by Aakash

The voters of Delhi had high hopes from the Aam Aadmi Party when they voted them into power. All their hopes were razed to the ground soon after the AAP took over the government, the AAP government began to act against the wishes of people. All the promises made during the election campaign were soon forgotten and the public was shown no empathy.

To the Delhiiets utter disbelieve, the so called Aam Adamis started enjoying junkets and kept blind eye to public welfare. The grievances of junta began to fall on deaf ears, and it was then the public began calling Arvind Kejriwal, the CM of Delhi as the modern day Nero.

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP colleagues began spending the public funds for their personal leisure, many a times AAP leaders have been caught enjoying foreign junkets at public expense. Arvind Kejriwal himself had been tweeting movie reviews and posting picture of him enjoying movies at the film theatre with his friends.

In the recent events, while Delhi is suffering from Chikungunya, the ministers are enjoying their junkets and giving all sorts of lame excuses when confronted. As per reports, there are more than 3000 people suffering from chikungunya and reportedly a few have lost their lives too. Mr. Manish Sisodia, the deputy CM of Dehi, is on another junket to Finland for reasons unknown. The pictures coming from Finland reflects that he is having a gala time and is not bothered about the present day situation.

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal recently underwent a surgery where the doctor had to chop off a part of his tongue, reportedly he had a bigger tongue which couldn’t fit into his mouth. His other ministers are busy in merrymakings and name calling.

Meanwhile, the AAP has started badmouthing senior journalists which is clearly not a good sign. While the state is undergoing a difficult situation, the government has shut its eyes. Let’s hope and pray, the government of Delhi understands the gravity of the situation and takes appropriate measures to deal with it.

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Jai Hind!!!!



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