The GOLD SHIRT Man of India is murdered!

Written by Ravijot

Do you remember Datta Phuge, the ‘Gold Man’ of India from Western Pune, Maharashtra, who rose to fame sometime in 2013 for wearing the most expensive gold shirt in the world?
He has been recently murdered, in front of his son!

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The ‘Gold Man’ of India Datta Phuge is seen in this pic wearing his gold shirt, a gold handbag and a closeup of his gold rings. Pic copyright –

He used to wear a shirt worth $250,000 (1,67,74,112 INR) and had an obsession with the most precious metal on this planet. Datta Phuge rose to limelight in year 2013 for wearing this 3kg gold shirt.

A money lender based in the city of Pune in Maharashtra is murdered yesterday, July 15, 2016. He was beaten to death by around 12 people due to a alleged dispute over money.

It is alleged that one of the suspects had invited Phuge to a party and later he was attacked with sharp weapons right in front of his 22 year old son.

The attackers though have spared his son.

48 years old Phuge was covered by BBC in 2013 for donning the most expensive shirt (gold) ever made.





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