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Modi’s diplomatic deception over NSG after its fall ?

Written by Abhishek Singh

Nuclear Supplier Group Session held at Seoul dated 23rd June for 2 day discussion on India’s application for permanent membership in the elite group.

Despite Narendra Modi’s last minute try with Chinese President and Incredible Diplomatic Push end results of this meet brings failure for Indian Diplomats as they were opposed by One Nation – China on NPT Clause as reported by Ministry of External Affairs correspondent. But Officially 38 countries gave India outright support where as 6 countries are asking for process and Countries like Turkey and New Zealand is supporting China in its stand despite knowing the fact that China too is not a NPT signatory.

“The whole drama lies in one word, “Adherence” to NPT. But Nations which include USA, France, Germany and Australia got success in paving a way for India by changing it to “Implementation” of NPT.
So Now The Policy says – Nation who had implemented NPT can be a permanent member of NSG.”

Now India is all set to become member of NSG in the end of this Year  or when a plenary session will be held at Switzerland.

The Modi government might come in for some flak for the failure to get an NSG decision, especially after mounting such a big campaign. But top level sources in government said, “we tried to the best of our ability, that we consider to be more important.”

By taking No chances of doubts and uncertainty MODI Government now sends a direct signal to Washington by saying that India will revisit the Climate Change Agreement which is pet project of Obama Administration and Hence indirectly Washington must be more aggressive to make India a permanent member of NSG.

Washington too acknowledge India’s Incredible diplomatic push and confirms that India will be permanent member by the end of this Year.




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