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Kashmir is on Fire, but who put it on?

Written by Yogesh Sharma

Kashmir is burning. Nearly 1400 people have been injured and 32 people lost their precious lives as a result of violent protests in valley following encounter of Hizb-ul-Mujahedeen Terrorist Called Burhan Wani.

Indeed Kashmir is on fire. But is it just this incident which provoked tension? Certainly not, every Friday mosques in valley call out for Jihad, for separate Kashmir. They call out on youth to pick up arms, they call them out to pelt stones on security forces. Every Friday pro Pakistan slogans are raised, Every Friday ISIS flags are hurdled. Aren’t these events provocative? Isn’t hurdling ISIS flag enough to raise tension? It’s a shame that concerned people are not even acknowledging the truth, instead they are presenting this politically correct picture of Pakistan aided terrorism, misguided youth, Economic conditions, political solution and what not.

Its a shame that our Jawans in Kashmir save people during floods, but they get stones and false accusations in return, our Jawans sacrifice their precious lives to keep our integrity intact but the people who pick up guns and kill innocent people find themselves on front page as a hero. Its a shame that we don’t see 30,000 people coming out for last riots of a Jawan, but for a Terrorist.

More than 30000 Kashmiris gathered at the funeral of Burhan Wani, the commander of Kashmiri militant group Hizbul Mujahideen. Image Source/Copyright -

More than 30000 Kashmiris gathered at the funeral of Burhan Wani, the commander of Kashmiri militant group Hizbul Mujahideen. Image Source/Copyright –

But why all this happening at all? What are the reasons? Who are the people behind terrible state of Kashmir?

Lets take a look at some of the reasons which mainstream media forgot to point out, or may be ignored knowingly.

Exodus of Kashmiri Pundit’s

The foundation of violence we see today was laid back in early 90’s when Kashmiri Pundits were literally kicked out of their homes by separatists, and I won’t ignore the fact that Muslim Kashmiris extended their full support to separatists. Without their support handful of separatists wouldn’t have been able to achieve a complete cleanup. They were killed, converted, raped, their properties were burnt and all this to alienate Kashmir from rest of the India, to change its demographic identity from a pluralistic society to just Islamic, to launch so called Jihad against India.  Do you think Hindus can live in valley peacefully? The people who say we will welcome Pundits are pure hypocrites. 

Why in the first place you kicked them out? Media channels will roll stories of Muslim families taking care of Pundit family in valley, fine that’s good these efforts should be appreciated, but why don’t you come out with ugly truth that people were butchered there in name of religion and even today it hasn’t stopped.

After Pundit’s left valley, terrorism kept on rising. This was one of the unique case in history when people were made to live like refugees in their own countries. FYI – there are still thousands who are in refugee camps. They also face Unemployment, Less opportunities, Discrimination specially in valley, but they never picked up arms.

Separatists (Hurriyat) , Political Parties

Whether its Hurriyat, other separatists or national political parties, everybody until now has used Kashmir for personal gains. They have all allowed encouragement of radicalization of Kashmiri youth, when at the same time kids of these affluent people were getting educated in best universities around the world. People like Yasin Bhatkal who carry Indian Passport, who takes government security openly encourage youth to join terrorist camps, they openly share dais with terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed. Omar Abdullah, previous Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir stated in one of his tweets warning government that “Burhan is not the last one to pick up arms.” 

Isn’t this tweet signifying how political class have been encouraging terrorism?

My answer to Mr. Abdullah is simple, “This is not the last encounter either”. The people who will try to break India will be destroyed, and we are proud of our army for doing that.


Media in India be it electronic or print has been so biased especially in past two years, may be because they were used be patronized which is not happening now. It is also clearly evident through their coverage of stories that media has been heavily biased and has been propagating communist, Marxist ideologies.

People like Rajdeep sardesai, Barkha Dutt and newspapers like Indian express and times of India have done shameful coverage of Kashmir situation as they have been doing for past two decades. They made Hero out of Kanhaiya Kumar, now they have done same with this terrorist. Is a ruthless killer worthy of finding place on the front page of a national newspaper? Some so called intellectuals have also compared him to Bhagat Singh, isn’t this a insult to our national hero?

People like Barkha Dutt have been busy sympathizing with terrorists and presenting them as misguided youth and people with no opportunities. These are the same set of people which will go to conferences in America and elsewhere and will leave no stone unturned to defame their own country. I don’t know what to say to these people, I mean I feel angered and raged when I see terrorist attacks, I feel terrible I see people in Kashmir hurdling Pakistani flags every Friday, my blood boils when I see them pelting stones on our Jawans. Should I pick up AK-47 to avenge? Will they still call me misguided youth or a youth leader, I will be quickly branded as a Hindu terrorist. Height of stupidity is such that these national newspapers are even hesitant to call terrorist a terrorist instead they have acknowledged him as youth leader, Kashmiri leader, What a shame!


I can only say that these people are doing great disservice to the nation by propagating lies and inciting people. They are doing everything then then reporting News. I believe Government must take some stern action against every element who is trying to break the country without thinking of consequences. this abuse and misuse of freedom of speech has to stop. We can blame Pakistan later, but the issues within have to be sorted out first.



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