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‘Kadi Ninda’ is all you can do?

Written by Yogesh Sharma


It’s been 3 years since Modi government came into effect with an absolute majority.

Rightly so, we needed a government which can take swift actions. We voted for a strong government which can crush enemies who are responsible for loss of thousands of lives, both civil and defence personnels. But after 3 years and electoral victories in several states what we get is Kadi Ninda. I think Dr. Manmohan Singh did just that for 10 years, and no doubt he did a pretty good job in that. As soon as there was some terrorist attack or when Pak army used to slit throats of our Jawans, he never wasted a minute in expressing his Kadi Ninda.

Then came 2014,  in almost every election campaign, strong words were minted against Pakistan.

Prime Minister Modi himself assured at that time saying, “Pakistan will be given beffiting reply”, they will be given an answer in the language they understand. So as a voter this question comes to my mind, Is that language called Kadi Ninda?

Enough is enough, attack after attack, what are we waiting for?

We want to be a Superpower, we want to influence the world in global decision making. But we can not even defend our Jawans, they have been attacking our army camps, we have been complete failure in stopping terrorist attacks, we have been helpless in front of Naxals. I don’t remember any developed nation just expressing Kadi Ninda after a terrorist attack. This is high time now, we can not let our soldiers bleed in Kashmir or on LOC. We can not let our paramilitry jawans die while eating their lunch. We can’t let more families to loose their sons, we can’t let more kids to loose their fathers.

As a voter i want to ask our Part-time defence minister, Do you even value our jawan’s life?

Because if you did, then Pathankot should have been the last attack. For our jawans nothing has changed, they used to get Kadi Ninda before your goverment, they are still getting Kadi Ninda even after their supreme sacrifice. And please stop saying ‘Karara Jawab Diya Jayega’ because it has starting to hurt now.

Is this your Karara Jawaab? If you want to know what  Karar Jawaab is then let me tell you. For past 70 years we have been on defensive mode, we wait for them to bleed us to retaliate.

When we know that our country faces threat from across the border, it is sheer stupidity to be defensive. I think people in the government are intellectual enough to understand that Pakistan would’nt stop attacking us.

There is only one way and that is to be offensive and destroy the threat completely.

I feel cheated as a citizen and a voter. I am sick of seeing young boys die, because government is busy in diplomacy. If you cant deliver, if you cant take tough calls then atleast give army a free hand to cross LOC. Declare Pakistan a terrorist state.

Take away the most favoured nation status, it’s like a slap on our Jawan’s faces.

And why do we still have Pakistan’s high commision in India? To fecilitate terrorists and separatists? Mr. Prime Minister it is time now to take extreme steps. I still have some faith left in you. Please dont let it go.

This time whole nation wants to see Pakistan being given an actual Karara Jawaab.



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