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Indian Political Parties Not on Same Page against Terrorism?

Monsoon session of parliament started with strong criticism of government, which was expected. Country is going through some tough times be it inflation or infiltration. Picture is not rosy everywhere and it can’t be always. Beauty of democracy is that you can uncomfortable question, you can criticise Government.

And the problem with democracy is that it allows people to take advantage of the freedom it provides. And unfortunately our political parties are forerunner in abusing the perks democracy provides. As a citizen i would have been so satisfied if opposition parties would have asked questions on GST, food prices, women security, rail projects, questions about their constituencies.

I would have been so elated if Rahul Gandhi would have asked what is government doing for upliftment of amethi? Where they couldn’t do anything in past 60 years. Jyotiraditya Scindia would have earned some respect if he would have put up the questions regarding flood situation in MP, but he also chose to advice government to soft on terror.

Instead all of the opposition chose to ask government why they killed Burhan Waani?  And as citizen it give me jitters that we have terrorist sympathisers in our parliament. Look at the proceedings, even on terrorism it’s BJP vs  Everyone, such a shame!  Height of political correctness is such that our MP’s are scared to call terrorist a terrorist. I feel so insecure that another mumbai can happen anytime, another Pathankot is not far away, we will be always targeted because our leaders are confused and they fail to differentiate between a youth leader and a militant.

It seems like our MP’s didn’t think even once about our jawans serving in Kashmir, they don’t care to acknowledge the adversities they operate in, from within and across the border. Other wise Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi would have never offered for legal support to IS suspects caught in Hyderabad by NIA.

I hope our armed forces are not watching parliament proceedings, as the situation always demands they are always on toes be it floods, earthquake and most important guarding our integrity, so i hope they didn’t had any time to watch the proceedings. But if somehow they know what’s going on in parliament ,what message will it sends through? That our military forces are alone in this battle against the most eminent problem of current times ‘Terrorism’.

I cannot understand why Mr. Owaisi and Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad questioned government over a militant’s encounter, instead they had this great opportunity to ask government if they are doing enough to save our youth from radicalisation? But sadly they chose otherwise, may be they don’t realise that they are elected representatives and they are putting lives of millions of citizens on stake by being soft on terrorism.

Our political class has got it all wrong again, they had this opportunity to stand united against terrorism and send a strong message that nobody can mess with india’s integrity, and whosoever does, will be neutralised. Unfortunately it never happened, sad but a bitter truth that our political parties are not on same page, even on ‘terrorism’.



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