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How one Roadblock in India’s NSG campaign has exposed petty politics again

Written by Yogesh Sharma

India faced a major roadblock to get entry in elite NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group), but back in Delhi politics took a nose dive to stoop so low that a setback faced by country and is being celebrated.

People like Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia, Rahul Gandhi and many more like them in our political class have been tweeting venomous tweets since the news broke out. They have been giving statements which suggest as if Honourable Prime Minister wanted NSG membership to get nuclear energy to make his personal nuclear reactor. Some politicians in our country are so intellectually incompetent that they can’t even understand that it’s a setback to whole Nation.

All these efforts were being executed for development of this country, not to get an appreciation letter from AAP or Congress. Especially for the people who still take these bunch of selfish parasites seriously, Please don’t panic!! Its not like that we have reached end of the road, Issues  like NSG membership or UN seat doesn’t see “light of the day” in just couple of meetings it takes years of diplomacy and execution of policies, this is just a small roadblock, as just one country opposed our entry. So there is a possibility that with building consensus India will soon get into NSG.

On the other side if India suffered a setback today then we also stepped forward by joining Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). As always nobody had time to reflect on positives, so let us do it here. SO what does India becoming a part of SCO means? Let me put this in simple words, South-East Asia hasn’t been so peaceful or open to each other since last century, but organisations like SAARC and SCO came into existence to improve trade, transportation, people to people contact and movement in Asian countries. The seamless trade, travel and people to people  contact that European or American countries enjoy, we are not even close to it.

For example can you go to Beijing by Road?  No. But there might be a possibility in future that Asian borders will be soon be more flexible and open to each other. The upcoming India, Thailand, Myanmar highway is one such initiative. In future we might see lots of cooperation in field of research, education, tourism, trade, defence and many more within Asian countries making this region much more sustainable economically, much more vibrant culturally and much more peaceful to live in. Therefore India joining SCO is one more step up in this direction.

As always no politician from opposition parties has spoken a word on this, it seems like opposition is actually happy on India’s failed bid for NSG. It seems like they desperately wanted something like this to happen so that they can abuse Prime Minister and can get a chance to ridicule Government’s foreign policy. I don’t believe how can some people be so insensitive towards national interests and irony is they are leaders and one of them is National Chief Minister. It’s an irony that politicians in this country can go to this extent for power. Delhi you made a mistake, you made this guy your chief minister? I mean can you even call him at your home for tea and talk to him in person for 15 minutes? I mean if somebody can do that he/she should get some kind of Nobel price for being patient.

And Amethi chose Rahul Gandhi over Smriti Irani…

…I mean you chose a dysfunctional passanger train over super efficient bullet train, then you are complaining that we still haven’t reached there. Please…. My fellow citizens please understand, don’t fall for petty politics, its not that difficult to understand. Please decide who you are voting for, on the basis of,on who would you trust with your most valuable asset, your country.

Although on a better note despite India failing this time to get into NSG, I believe there are still many positives to take from here. Firstly India hasn’t yet signed  Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty (NPT), still all the countries supported our bid except china, that shows how much faith world has now in India and its capabilities, I am sure our Government will sort out the China issue as well, as China has so many economic interests in India that they cant play this game for long. So basically nothing to worry about, we are on right track with our foreign policies and diplomacy.



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