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Hindu Exodus in Kairana? What can be done?

Written by Niladri Bose

The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis – Dante Alighieri

It is becoming increasingly clearer that several Hindu families in Kairana, a small town in the Shamli district of UP, have indeed been forced to flee after targeted attacks by the influential Mullahs in the area, over the last two years. As per 2011 census, the place had 30% Hindus and 68% Muslims but as per the local administration the figure now stands 8% and 92% respectively (Source: Zee News, June 11, 2016).

The exodus of Kashmiri Pandits is still fresh in our memories. Though the incident in Kairana is in much smaller scale but should be enough to ring alarm bells across the political spectrum of the country. We cannot simply allow another Kashmiri Pandit situation anywhere in the country. Mullahs (note: by Mullahs, I do not refer to all of the Muslim community but only the radicalised ones) and their love for Sharia have to be rejected in toto. This is a secular republic and we cannot continue to go backward in time with more personal laws and selective appeasement. Neither entertain such ghettoism.

Thanks to BJP law-maker from the area, Mr. Hukum Singh, this issue was brought to light. National Human Rights Commission has taken note and asked the local authorities to respond within four weeks. But, I expect the response to be subdued, almost rejecting the claims because acknowledging such events makes them look hideous and utterly incompetent.

There is however a way to resolve the crisis for good i.e. through the ballot. The state of UP has over 134 million voters. Considering demographic distribution, 108 million of those are Hindus. Even if you exclude the pseudo-secular ones, there will still be nearly 100 million Hindu voters in the state. More than enough to dictate political terms. Perhaps it is time for all of them to come together. And vote for a nationalistic party that is ideologically bound to maintain unity and reject divide & rule mechanisms based on caste, creed or religion.

And I don’t say this to create an environment of animosity. In my personal view, since politics is inadvertently intertwined with religion in India (and unfortunately so), Hindus (minus the pseudo-secular ones) are the only group of people who’re morally capable of upholding and maintaining true secularism. All other communities are personally bound by certain rule-books that at times are in conflict with universal morality, thus creating confusion in the minds of those people. And I believe that such a confused person cannot be a good administrator in this country, given the demographic diversity that exists here. I stress again, this is my personal opinion, purely out of my sense of logic and is definitely not intended to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments.

The need of the hour is unity. Among the Hindus. No need to be hostile towards others. No need to spew venom. Nor speak irrelevant nonsense. No need to waste time crying foul over injustices. No need to be disheartened. Just promote oneness. Speak as one. Act as one. And then vote as one too. And the choice is right in front of you.

Politics of this country MUST change from selective appeasement to appeasement of all. And in my opinion, this is the only way.



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