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Ugly Truth Of NGOs In India

Written by Yogesh Sharma

First of all let’s get the things straight, all NGO’s in India aren’t violating norms or doing anti national activities, also it won’t be right to say that all NGO’s are fraud…

…however on the other hand it is also true that several NGO’s that cropped-up like mushrooms in our country in past two decades, received millions of dollars in foreign funding (which was eventually used to spread propagandas). Several development projects were stalled due to agitations funded by these NGO’s, be it Kundankulam nuclear power plant or nuclear reactor in Meghalaya.

Remember Patel Andolan in Gujarat?
Do you think patel as a community needed reservation? Do you think there was requirement for agitation this violent? Guess what police investigation reports says that it was just to destabilize government, and was funded by several NGO’s which were backed by foreign fundings including Ford foundation.

Be it any development project, you always see almost same set of people and NGO’s agitating against it. So is this foreign funding received in name of helping poor, health and education is just being used for some vested interests?

It seems so, these NGO’s have stalled so many development projects, but what about doing something constructive. The amount of money they received in past two decades would have been enough to build thousands of schools in remotest villages of our country. The money they received would have been enough to solve food scarcity in Bundelkhand, where people are still dying out of hunger when trustees of these NGO’s are busy sipping expensive wines in five stars using the money collected to feed poor.

Remember SINGUR in West Bengal?
Where Mamta Banerjee with same set of people kicked out Tata and forced them to move their plant to Gujarat. Mamta Banerjee became chief minister after that and some NGO’s got more money. But what about the people? Have they got jobs now? Have they got better education now? What have changed in Singur? Nothing has changed its still a same old town predominantly dependent on agriculture.

This is a same town where Tata planned an auto hub creating approx. 3000 direct jobs and 5000 indirect jobs through 70 odd subsidiaries which were supposed to set around Tata Nano factory. If these NGO’s were so worried that auto factory might degrade the environment they could have at least planned a food park on that agricultural land like Patanjali did in Haridwar and planning to do in various parts of countries to create some jobs and adding to country’s GDP too. But the problem is they are not here for that, they want poor to remain poor forever, otherwise it would be difficult to collect funds for the uplifment of poor.

Currently in India approx. 14000 NGO’s are registered with FCRA, according to government data foreign funding’s received by these NGO’s on average is INR 88 lakhs per annum per NGO, that means thousands of crores of funds have been received by these institutions over last two decades for health, education, sanitation and for other social benefits. Where is this money then? This money could have been used for installation of solar plants in thousands of remote villages in our country, it could have been used to build toilets in schools. But it was never used for these purposes.

We have thousands of NGOs in our country with communist and left leanings, they have been crying foul for tribes and naxals for years, but till date despite having funds they couldn’t build schools for them, they couldn’t provide jobs to them. On the other hand RSS which gets ridiculed every day in media runs thousands of schools throughout the country in remote areas, naxals affected areas and tribal regions. But irony is they will never get the credit, maybe they should learn to talk foul about India in American conferences, maybe they should learn to talk about situation of poverty in country over a glass of expensive wine under diamond studded chandeliers in five star abodes. May be media will stop propagating foul against them, as these are the characteristics of social activists in society today.

Patanjali which started just a decade ago have already created over 5000 direct jobs, they are planning to open schools in every district of India, but again look at what media does, they will constantly tell you, Baba is a businessman. But these so called social activists and their NGO’s, what have they done? Fear mongering in minorities, turned people against country, brainwashed thousands of students to become Naxalites, these are just few of their achievements.

Currently a NGO called CJP (citizens for peace and justice) have been in news on cancellation of their FCRA licence. I have seen some heated debates on main stream media channels. Again I found Left, Congress, AAP, self-proclaimed intellectuals like John Dayal, Satinath Sarangi debating endless Lesly to prove that government is carrying out their ‘Vendetta’ against NGO’s. Although all these people don’t realise that they have exposed themselves.


Let me put forth some of the points and evidences which are enough to prove that governments crackdown on NGO’s like CJP and Sabrang is justified and is in interest of this country.

A NGO called Sabrang communication and publishing received $290000 between 2004 & 2014 from US based Ford foundation without any prior approval from government. According to Gujarat government reports backed by IB and then Gujarat High court says that money have been used to destabilise communal harmony of the country. This money was used to pay of witnesses to file false cases against Narendra Modi in relation to Gujarat Riots, according to Rais Khan Pathan ex-aide of Teesta, witnesses were paid 50,000 to 100,000 INR to tell lies, and many false affidavits were filed during this period without knowledge of witnesses.

Teesta and her husband Javed have been making fool out of people wearing liberalist and secularist masks, they collected money for the victims of Gujarat riots, but what they did with that money is a crime, they kept the wounds of riots alive, they did everything to bring down Narendra Modi and now they are crying ‘Vendetta’.

Her sympathizers are shouting in debates that why their license has been revoked and a common man like me is still screaming inside how come she is not behind the bars!!! Until when we will allow this hypocrisy? And moreover that sad part is Teesta is just one, there are thousands in this country collecting funds to empower poor, but they have empower themselves so much that its becoming difficult to crack them, as they have all the resources to dodge the system and they are still busy to spread their propagandas and anti-national activities. Sadly some of them are called Social Activists! Below are some evidences for readers to view and decide if crack down on these NGO’s is right step. Analyze these evidences and find out yourself, does our country need these NGO’s?

The following 2 videos and subsequent link can sheed further light on this matter –




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