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Pakistani Flag Hoisted in Bihar- What’s wrong with the state??

Written by Aakash

Just a few days ago, a mob raised pro-Pakistan slogans in Patna. While the investigation of the incident is still on, we hear a flag being hoisted in Nalanda, the hometown of Mr. Nitish Kumar, the CM of Bihar. The burning questions are, what is wrong with Bihar? Are these incidents questioning the Bihar government’s allegiance towards the Union of India?

Bihar has since time immortal produced many scholars and rulers, and is also considered as the “KarmBhumi” of Mahatma Gandhi. Bapu started his Satyagraha from the Bhitiharwa Ashram, located at the north-west corner of the state. Bihar has been the land of revolution and thus, a sense of patriotism prevails all over the state. However, recent news have tented its image to a great extent.

It also needs to be understood that a large of Bihari immigrants work in middle-east countries where they are being constantly brain-washed by the Pakistan’s ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) and are encouraged to act against the establishment.

A recent crack-down on the Darbhanga Module of Indian Mujahiddin (IM) revealed that many young Muslim men (both educated and uneducated) are getting attracted towards radicalism and creating ruckus in the country.

The government of Bihar has a lot to answer, it cannot be spared just like that. It failed to curb the radicalism in the state even after several inputs from the Intelligence Bureau (IB). Had the government been alert, we would not have witnessed Gaya and Patna bomb blasts.

The ruling parties, JD(U) and the RJD have put on blinders and are unwilling to investigate the crimes committed by the Muslim community in the state. As a result, the radical Muslims group have started defying laws and indulging in illegal/anti-national activities.

A lot of foreign funding has been flooding the Madarasas of Bihar and this is definitely ringing the alarm. It is high time Mr. Nitish Kumar takes cognizance of these issue and act accordingly, before it’s too late. Even the central government needs to look into the situation of the state with seriousness.

Let’s pray and hope that everything normalizes in Bihar and the government acts against the culprits and book then before the law of land.

Please share your valuable thoughts below and do let us know if anything else can be done to improve the law and order situation in Bihar.

Jai Hind!!!!

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