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Let’s take Bharat towards a brighter tomorrow!

Written by Yogesh Sharma

We have been talking about the initiatives that Central Government have been taking for past two years. Most of us are also fairly satisfied with the development that’s been taking place. Infrastructure is improving, social initiatives like sanitation free India, Swach Bharat Abhiyaan have been well received by people, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao witness fair amount of success.

Then there are some people who are not very satisfied as well, other side of the argument is that “there is too much talk, but not enough substantial work on the ground”. I am not going to talk about politics today, lets leave it aside for a moment, lets talk about country today. Like every countrymen, I believe that our country needs to achieve a lot. We have to develop but at the same time we have to take care of climate as well. We have to build new cities but we need to transform our villages too. We have to bring investment but we need to work on income inequality as well. So how can we achieve so many contrasting goals?

This time lets not leave everything on government. Let’s make our own targets, Let’s question ourselves, what can we do? how can we contribute? How can we take our Bharat towards a brighter Future. Towards our brighter future.

I can say we are very lucky in terms of enormous human resource we have. If we stand united and decide something, there is no force on this planet that can stop us from achieving our goals. Countries smaller than us in size and limited in resources came out from great miseries and stand today strongly on the global map. Japan was shattered economically and emotionally  after atomic bombing during world war, but we know Japan today as world’s third largest economy. It was the result of collective efforts by Japanese, most of Japanese people still work extra one hour without any extra pay, the extra hour is to contribute to country’s productivity. But I believe at least people who are reading this article must be aware of such efforts, be it Singapore, China, Germany, Finland, all these success stories have one thing in common, for a period of time their citizens were in a kind of state of revolution where everybody was determined to improve their country and make it world’s best. And then it became a habit, it became their nature.

I believe we need this kind of Revolution in our country, not the fake one we saw in JNU.

A Revolution to build collective social conscious, a country where each and everybody contributes towards betterment of society, a society where each of us hold ourselves responsible for the problems we face, a nation where each one of us irrespective of our religion, cast, communities, regions and  political ideologies work as one, with one goal, “India First”.

So what do we do to start this kind of revolution? Is it so easy to achieve, as it looks on paper? I believe yes it is. Let me give you some examples the simple things we can do that will make huge difference if done collectively.

First let me start with environment, some of our cities including our capital are among the most polluted in the world. So from now on What if everybody plants a tree this monsoon, and every consecutive monsoon until 5 years, if you don’t have open area in your home, consider your whole city as home find a open area in parks, alongside roads, literally anywhere and just plant a sapling, if you can do more than one please do, image if whole Delhi does it collectively, next summers you will feel the difference. We can try using as much public transport as we can without waiting for odd-even. I know the thrill to drive a turbo powered diesel, but fossil fuels cost a lot to our country and to environment. Why wait for government to ban diesel? People who can afford electric or hybrid cars, can’t they make this little sacrifice and switch on to cleaner mode of transportation?

Most of the electricity produced in our country comes through thermal power plants which are dangerously polluting the environment. Can’t we install solar on our rooftops without waiting for government to make it mandatory. It will give you cheap electricity and a sense of pride that you are contributing. Imagine if even 1/4 of the population of Delhi converts to solar by the end of this year and next summer may be, can be the  first one with no power cuts. We have to understand this and it’s not that hard to understand, The more fossil fuels we import, we loose more on economic front, and we loose much more on environmental front.

Now lets come to cleanliness. You must have seen some people saying “Swatch Bhaarat Abhiyan” can’t make much difference. Actually in a way they are right to some extent. Because its a shame for us that government has to actually implement a program for cleanliness. Isn’t cleanliness our responsibility? Isn’t whole country, every inch of it our home? Or we consider only those four walls and a roof as home? I will again say, consider your country as your home and keep it clean as you keep your homes clean. Problem Solved!!! So let’s do it from today, may be now? Check outside your flat, is there a pile of garbage? Put on rubber gloves and clean it, don’t wait for Modi to come with a broom. We loose upon lots of tourism because image of our country in terms of cleanliness is not very good. If we can achieve cleanliness our tourism industry has a great potential to improve inflow of tourists which can bring loads of foreign exchange into country boosting our economy further.

We have a huge population which is below 35 years of age, no other country has got such enormous human resource. Still we aren’t producing enough, still our people are unemployed. Then what are we waiting for? A Sarkari Naukri? Common now, create some jobs instead of waiting for a job to come at your doorstep, I know my people, people from this land have proved again and again that they are hard workers and intelligent so use your intelligence, this is the land of Jugaad, Developed world calls it INNOVATION, go out with your ideas, believe in them and believe me our country will have thousands of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. You just need to come out of the comfort zone of your 10-5 job and convert your ideas into actions. Let us all together bring up an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Revolution.

Let’s make our youth self sustainable, lets make our youth a provider. Lets not wait 10 years studying in dark rooms of PG’s  just to get government jobs, don’t waste your golden years, use them to create. If we make some efforts these are not difficult things to do, but if done collectively they have potential to stir up a revolution.

Revolution for new India, for prosperous, confident, clean and healthy India. Lets make Bharat “Sone Ki Chidiya Again”. And believe me it’s as easy as it appears to be, just give it a try.



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