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How India will enter league of ‪#‎BigGlobalPlayer

Written by Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh Explains in this article how India will be able to enter the #‎BigGlobalPlayer

1. First you need to understand that the ultimate goal and objective for India to enter ‪#‎BigLeague‬ is through UN Security Council Permanent Membership with Veto Power in hand.


2. But to reach there, there are four steps need to be taken:
a. Membership in Missile Technology Control Regime
b. Membership in Nuclear Supplier Group
c. Membership in NATO
d. Finally Membership in UN Security Council


3. India became 35th member of Missile Technology Control Regime, first country to enter in this league in last 12 years. China is not a member because it transfer missile technology to North Korea which is vulnerable state to disturb Japan and South Korea. China uses North Korea as buffer state. Now when India enters this league, she can get best of missile technology from the best nations. ‘Transfer of Technology’ is now a reality. ‪#‎HugeProudMomentForIndia‬


4. USA and Switzerland backed India to enter into a very big league of Nuclear Supplier Group and its timeline set to March 2017. Donald Trump is coming (most probably) and now Indian Lobby is going to play a major role especially in ‘Republican Zone’. All depends on Trump winning and then delivering what he is expected to.


5. India is not going to join NATO and the day India enters Nuclear Supplier Group, no nation in this world can stop India from becoming a Nuclear Hub. Major boost to Nuclear Reactor led Electricity and Defense. India can trade freely in Nuclear Technology with any nation. After entering into NSG, this will be just last formality push to enter into UN Security Council.


6. USA and India are now in collaboration with Japan and European Union will be major force in days to come, China has to bend. For India my dear friends, China is the only healthy competitor, Pakistan is nuisance state.

‪#‎GameHasBeenStarted‬ ‪#‎JustWatchItAndFeelIt‬



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