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Decoding Political Intolerance in India

Written by Yogesh Sharma

In the last two years since NDA government came into power people have seen lots of drama, award waapsi, Hardik Patel nonsense in Gujarat, JNU, Dadri, Hyderabad University to name a few but there are many more.

If we start believing Mr. Kejriwal, our country is being ruled by some dictator, although the trolls he receives on twitter prove otherwise. But this is not the issue, the issue is how can a politician be so intolerant to country’s Prime Minister. Despite being Chief Minister of Capital of India he has so much time to tweet and re-tweets (mostly useless) everyday and make issues out of non issues. It is so frustrating to see him reviewing movies every now and then instead of reviewing the problems being faced by people of Delhi.

Politics had never been this negative in history of our country, that even students are being used as puppets to fulfill political ambitions.

JNU incident was one such example, from congress to left to AAP, everybody was against the government on this issue.  Abusing our motherland was defended as freedom of expression by these parties and their leaders. Even a big section of media was trying hard to prove that JNU tapes were doctored, Dadri Incident was communal, there is much intolerance prevailing all around, there is no freedom of speech.

Although CBI reports on JNU and Dadri speaks otherwise, but these news find no space on screen and Situation of Hindu families in Kairana of UP doesn’t seem communal to Mr. Kejriwal or Rahul Gandhi, barring one or two channels nobody is interested in even reporting, this is Hypocrisy at its best. As a common citizen it is so shocking to see these people stooping so low just for the sake of opposing government. This government has achieved so much in two years, record breaking work is being done to improve infrastructure, economic indicators are positive, ministers have been made accountable, we have a Prime Minister who is running every post and pillar to bring country on global map. Then what is the reason for this unnecessary criticism? why campuses are heated up? Why media is focusing upon petty issues rather then bringing out the actual scenario?

In my Opinion this is where this term “Political Intolerance” comes into picture.

Basically the actual reason is that, be it congress or AAP of Left, nobody is interested in Idea of India. Idea of Power appeals more to them. The problem is not Modi, problem is the accountability he has brought in, problem is what congress couldn’t achieve in past 60 years this government is set to achieve that in 5 years. The problem is that people are being empowered through digital India, the problem is that make in India will create millions of jobs, the problem is that even remotest of region of India is getting the basic necessity of electricity. The problem is that basic politics till now in India have been based on Poverty eradication (Roti ,Kapda aur Makan), what will happen to political parties who remained in power for 6 decades by giving slogans like ‘Garibi Hatao’ ?

They wont be left with any issues if every citizen in this country will have roof on his head, their political careers will be in jeopardy if minorities are safe, who will they bank upon for getting votes by fear mongering. The problem is that Modi has changed the paradigms of governance, the problem is that now we have competent ministers like Piyush Goyal, Suresh Prabhu, Sushma Swaraj and many more.

These people have been working professionally as public employees rather than just being ruling their ministries and their respective constituencies. I have never seen ministers so informed and committed for the job at hand. The problem is that our prime minister creates history by addressing US congress, Rahul Gandhi could have never achieved that, for the matter of fact no current politician in congress or AAP can even come close to PM in terms of  strategic intelligence. The problem is how come a tea seller can become Prime Minister of largest democracy when congress believes its their birthright to rule this country, the problem is even superpowers in west recognizes Modi as a global leader. The problems is rules of the game have changed, the problem is incompetent politicians will be out the game in next general elections. So basically the outcry of freedom of speech and Intolerance we have been seeing on the main stream news channels which are by the way heavily biased towards Left and Congress ideology was just Political, and that is my problem that it is “Political Intolerance”

What do you have to say on this we would love to hear in the comments below! Jai Hind!



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