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Has the Aam Aadmi Party been blindfolded by greed??

Written by Aakash

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Of late, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has been in news for wrong reasons, and today it’s no different. The AAP leaders can’t expect #AccheDin for themselves unless they decide to call of their greed. A few months ago, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal took everyone to surprise when he decided to honor 21 of his MLAs with an “Out Of Turn” promotion.

Per ANI, one Delhi lawyer Prashant Patel sent a petition to the President’s office once the state cabinet cleared proposal of keeping parliamentary secretaries out of the office-of-profit purview on June 19.

Now, 21 AAP MLAs (definitely) will face disqualification after President Mukherjee withheld Delhi government’s Dual Office Bill today June 13, 2016.

The Aam Aadmi Party designated the 21 MLAs as “Parliamentary Secretary to Minister” and declared that these Parliamentary Secretaries would enjoy the same perks and privileges as the cabinet ministers.

These appointments were unconstitutional and the opposition cried foul over the issue.

The opposition claimed that it was a case of “Office for profit” and demanded their assembly membership be scraped with immediate effect.

Some of the names include Alka Lamba, Praveen Kumar, Sharad Kumar, Adarsh Shastri, Madan Lal, Charan Goel, Sarita Singh, Naresh Yadav, Jarnail Singh and Rajesh Gupta.

The Election Commission of India (ECI) has sought a reply from the MLAs and if not satisfied, the ECI may disqualify the members and call for by-election in those constituencies. It is also important to know that the AAP has 67 members in the house of 70, while the BJP has just 3.

There are no representatives from the congress in Delhi Secretarit, the oldest political party of India.
The AAP is apparently taking defensive stance and is willing to abide by whatever the ECI says. Unfortunately, we don’t see AAP learning any lessons from the past and continue to fools the nation with their gimmicks.

Does the whole episode mean elections in Delhi in next 6 months? And, if yes then would this time Delhi BJP be able to capitalise on this?

Please let us know your thoughts on this below in comments!


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