Why our history needs to be rewritten?

Written by Yogesh Sharma

When we read in history books that “Bhagat singh was a right wing extremist” then there is definitely some problem with narrative of our History. The narrative of our past gives us our identity. The answer to question who we are lies in our history. What will young minds perceive when they will read in their books that colonial rule modernized India, they gave us railways, they gave us architecture and so on. What will little children think of their own traditions and customs when they have always been ridiculed by academicians. What sense of identity our children will have when they will read the history where India as a society was mediocre.

That’s what wrong narrative of history has done. We as a society have almost lost our Identity, we know nothing about who we are. If you will ask any high school student about Chandragupta Maurya he/she might not know anything about the greatest ruler our country had, but ask him about Roman history or European  renaissance he/she might know more than a European student.

The Identity that distorted history has gave is of mediocre and backward society. Speaking our mother tongue is considered to be backward, intellectuals are English speaking, that’s the thought that prevail in our society today. Although Hindi is our national language officially but if a Hindi speaking student goes to a premier institution he/she will be cornered, professors might also ask them to work on their English. We as a society are so obsessed with English that parents living in India will talk to their 1 year kid in English so that when he grows up  it comes naturally to that kid. Look at the irony here while i write this, i had to  write this in English in order to make sure it reaches maximum number of people. A Hindi article might not be considered as intellectually stimulating as an English article (Irony is this article is also in English).

This is what corrupted version of history can do, it can change your very basic Identity. Learning a language is never bad,  but forgetting your own is ignorance to your own self. There is so much to explore for students in terms of literature, northern students will never come to know about Tamil literature or Bengali history because there had been no efforts from policy makers and academicians to provide this content to students in past 70 years, height of Ignorance is such that our students still read the Indian history written by British. Our lecturers at Post Graduate level still teach Aryan-Dravidian theory which has been obsoleted globally. British thinkers imposed their thoughts on us to divide our society, our own Gurukul system was banished, Sanskrit was almost made extinct until in past two decades when West realized it importance. Nobody in this country was talking about Vedic mathematics until west realized it’s importance in solving complex problems. Western world has more Yoga practitioners than India, again our society realized importance of Yoga when it became a rage in West. This  is the height of mental slavery that we need confirmation from West  to realize importance of our own philosophy, tradition and values.

I can bet that 9 out of ten people will have no knowledge about the sacrifices made by Guru Teg Bahadur, people have little information about heroics of Guru Gobind Singh. Every youngster must have read Romeo-Juliet in their English textbooks, but what about the story of Prithviraaj- Sanyukta? Half of the content in text books is on how Mughals invaded India, how great an emperor was Akbar, but what about Maharana Pratap? Aurangjeb is such a glorified figure according to our books, but what about great Shivaji or the Glorious era of Chola’s and Gupta’s. Shouldn’t our kids know more about our heroes? Shouldn’t they know about Chanakya who laid the foundation of Magadh empire and Nalanda university centuries ago, making India a melting point of human intellect and was known as Vishwaguru. America is known as oldest Democracy, but if our academicians had put in some effort to research on philosophies of governance conceptualized by Chanakya centuries ago then we would have understood that we had democratic system of governance, way before British arrived in this country.

Shouldn’t our kids know that Ramayana and Geeta are oldest known epics on philosophies of human life and politics, why our students don’t know that thousands our year ago Vedas explained complex mysteries of space when western world was still living as nomads in wilderness without any sense of civilization. Economics, politics, social sciences, philosophy was flourishing through Vedas , but i believe we are still waiting for West to tell us that. What an irony when somebody talks about teaching Vedic mathematics or including Geeta or Yoga in school curriculum, then it is termed as Saffronisation  of Education. Although i don’t blame the people who oppose this as they themselves have been conditioned like that courtesy colonial education system that we follow till now, they feel insecure about the fact that what will happen to their ideology, that they have been imparting in students for decades now.

That’s why I firmly believe we need to rewrite our history as it was supposed to be, we need inform our kids about the great heroes this nation has produced. If we need a generation of citizens that is confident, if we need a society that knows its identity then we need to tell them these inspirational stories which never had been told to them. Otherwise we will have a confused generation of students asking for “azaadi” without knowing what they want azaadi from. Our students have right to know that thousand of years ago before Wright brother set on their first flight, Vimanashastra was already conceptualized by great sages of our country. It is important to know about world, it is good to learn about various cultures, its even much better to adapt good traditions and human values from any civilization. But  forgetting your own roots, values, traditions and Identity is like sailing in vast ocean for whole life never reaching the shore. But I want my country to sail through this sense of inferiority and reach the shore of Glory. The Glory that this nation always deserved, I want this nation to be again known as  “Vishvaguru”, The melting point of human intellect, The land of innovative ideas.

That’s the reason I believe our History should be Re-written, I hope my reason is valid…



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