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Gift ‘something’ to your country this 15th August!

Written by Ravijot

We will be celebrating 70th Independence Day this 15th August. And there will be hoards of articles yet again in newspapers, magazines and online, on what we have achieved in these 69 years of Independence.

Some will be pro-India, some will denounce India and things will go on, on similar pace as every year around Independence day.

People will change DPs of their Facebooks and Whatsapps with Tirangas and pics of Bhagat Singhs. Gandhi and Legend of Bhagat Singh movies will be telecasted on satellite channels. Kites will be all over the sky in Delhi NCR (given there is no rain). And yes of course, Mr. Prime Minister will address the nation from podium of Lal Quila!

And…from August 16, the life will come to same old routine.

Not much will change. But how the change will happen if we will only talk about what the country has given us. If only we talk about my rights and not my responsibilities, the change will never happen.

But wait, what bloody change am I talking about? Let me tell you a real incident happened a couple of days ago in the wee hours of Delhi.

A pedestrian was hit by a Tempo from behind. The man fell on the road, the tempo stopped. The tempo driver came out of the tempo saw the man unconscious. He knows what have he done. He knows the man is critically injured. And, he also knows that nobody saw him hitting this man (only he was mistaken because a CCTV camera captured the whole incident, fortunately for him!)

The driver quickly flee off the scene as if nothing has happened. After that, according to the reports 403 Vehicles, 45 People and even Cops ignored that dying man.

Matibool, the unfortunate man who was hit by that Tempo, finally succumbed to his injuries and died. Matibool was a father of four and worked two jobs, was on his way home around 05.40 am after an overnight shift when he was rammed by a over-speeding tempo. Whose driver was insensitive enough to think about himself first and let him die on that deserted road.

It is not that nobody came near to that fallen man. A rickshaw did stopped, a man from that rickshaw did came near to that fallen man. But not to help him, but to steal his mobile phone.

Now what would have happened if that tempo driver would have taken some decisions on humanitarian grounds and instead of fleeing the accident scene would have taken Matibool to a nearby hospital which is not very far (Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital). Or, any passerby would have played good samaritan and helped the bleeding man by at least calling 102.

This is the change I am talking about. This is the ‘Gift’ I am talking about to give to our country this birthday of her!

I can go on and on with examples of how inhumane or puny or tiny we have become. We have become opportunist, we have become self centred, we have become so insensitive to others that we are not able to take wise decisions at the time of need.

Dr. Narang was dragged out of his home and killed ruthlessly in front of his small child and wife. Everyone blames police for not responding on time, but what about the neighbours? Where were they? Dancing to the tunes of some stupid comedy show!

What would have happened if people from 10 houses around Dr. Narang would have come out to rescue him and confront those goons? He would have been alive today, and those goons would have been defeated!

That is the change I am talking about. That is the ‘Gift’ I am talking about to give to our Mother Nation, for whom we do so much of arm chair nationalism, day in day out on FB, twitter, Whatsapp etc.

It is high time that we stop demanding and start giving!

If we are not able to do so still, we are nobody to debate on what good or what bad our country has given to us in last 69 years, as country is nothing more than its citizens. And, its our collective responsibility now to start ‘gifting’ our country with various positive changes it yearns for years now!

As I said I can cite tonnes of other examples where it is clearly evident that how morally corrupt we have become as a citizen and as a human. But, I will not do it today. I think those two examples above are indicators enough to a rational mind what I am referring to.

Just ask yourself next time you see someone struggling for his or her life on road and you are about to ignore that for any reason from hassles of law to anything else – “What would I have done if that person on road would have been by son, my brother, my father, my mother, my daughter, or my wife, or my sister? Would I take him/her to hospital immediately, or let them bleed to death on the road?”

The day you will start asking yourself this question your actions will stop subjugating to irrelevant doubts, and you will act. And that act will be humane, that act will be nationalist, that act will be social, that act will be Godly!

And, please do not see my thoughts concentrated on road accident victims only. Look beyond. Look around yourself, what all can be done which is not being done, by me. Which should have been done in a perfect world.

The Perfect World you always talk about. The Perfect world you have always missed in this country. The Perfect World you look for when you apply for a PR of a developed nation.

As a society we need to start creating a balanced approach between giving and asking. And this should start this Independence Day – The Birthday of our Modern Nation. What best day can be than this!

But only if we can understand what gifting is, what giving is, and how great societies are created!

Let us all take a pledge to give a gift of at least one positive change every week, and lets start this this Independence Day, as what is Independence if we are not Independent of our week and non-rationalistic thought processes.

Introspect about this and act for a change!

Jai Hind!

– Ravijot Singh



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